You’ve probably heard that using fabric scissors to cut paper is bad for your shears. Sewing enthusiasts across the globe protect their fabric shears like priceless treasure while relatives secretly use them when you're not looking to break the cardinal rule! There's nothing more frustrating to reach for your scissors to cut fine silk just to see your fabric snag or worse your scissors won’t cut your fabric! Instead you’re dealing with fabric jammed between the blades!

I'm going to debunk the cutting paper with fabric scissors myth. So will paper really ruin your scissors? YES! Here's why. We'll have to go back to the science of how paper is made especially all the different types of crafting paper available on the market. Paper is abrasive and treated with chemicals and clays. The blades become dull right away depending on the object that was cut or they'll dull over time making it difficult to cut properly. The finer the fabric the more noticeable the damage. On a side note if you're working with highly embellished fabrics such as sequin fabrics you'll want to use a less expensive pair of scissors. Don't use your good quality scissors to cut sequins. Sequins can really damage your fabric scissors so make sure you have an additional pair that you don't mind ruining or buy inexpensive pair. You can always let your family members use these old or damaged scissors for their multi-purpose use.

One important thing you should be doing after you've been using your scissors for awhile is to have them professionally sharpened. I like to make a trip to my local JoAnn's once in a while where I know I’ll find a mobile service that shows up once a month to sharpen scissors for customers. It’s worth looking into a service such as the one I described where you can drop off scissors and a let a professional get them in working condition again. You’ll notice the difference when you bring them home to cut fabric again. It’s worth the small investment especially if you have a favorite pair of scissors you like to work with. Your scissors will also last longer.

To close, the next time someone in your household goes reaching for your fabric shears claiming that all scissors are the same or that paper won’t damage your scissors you have a valid reason to lecture them on the proper use of your fabric shears. If all else fails put a padlock on them so they can't be used and keep the key in a clever hiding spot!

Happy Cutting!


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